Life Members

Life Members

Gordon North Sydney Hockey Club

Elliot Temple (2022)

Elliot has played since the age of 8 with Gordon and later GNS.  Now for over 30 years!

He is from the third generation of Gordon, GNS and Manly-GNS stalwarts … the legendary Temple family.

Elliot is outstanding leader who has brought great wisdom, perspective, balance and energy to the GNS Committee since 2016 in roles including Vice-President and more recently as Men's Convenor.

Elliot played a significant contribution in the turnaround of GNS Mens over recent seasons including in driving the consolidation with Manly Men to form the successful collaboration that is Manly-GNS Men.

Always a model professional and club-person in offering GNS his dedication, loyalty, passion, commitment, service and generosity.

James Peters (2022)

James (Jim) joined  Gordon Hockey Club in 1996  to support his children, coaching the U13B coach and joining the Junior Committee.  The start of a long journey!

Jim thereafter served Gordon HC initially in many capacities, including as Junior Convenor and in addressing the proposed merger between Gordon and Nth Sydney HC in the late 1990's.

Jim went on to become a President of GNS, a Treasurer of GNS (3 stints mid-1990s, mid-2000's and again from 2022), President & GNS delegate of KHC Inc. and again as GNS Juniors' Convenor (2001-03).

Jim has been a passionate player too,  He is a proud member of the GNS Elks where-in he was goalkeeper for several seasons. 

He has always been the consumate club member lending his skills and energy wherever required.  This includes coaching in juniors and seniors, operating a canteen from the boot of his car at the early stages of KHC, hosting NZ internationals for GNS, managing the GNS Men's 1st grade team over several seasons, convening junior development clinics, scheduling fixtures for the Nth Area competition, coaching and administration with Sydney Juniors, and contemporising GNS' financial management practices.

Scott Fallowfield (2017)


Robbie Campbell (2016)

Robbie came to Sydney in 2003 from Inverell, NSW in pursuit of his considerable sporting talents.  He joined GNS and immediately began to make his contribution as a first grade player.

Robbie has played with GNS ever since.  In that time he has represented NSW to AHL level, has won the Brian Booth Medal as the leading player of the Sydney men’s competition on three occasions and has played in the European Hockey League for several seasons.

In recent years Robbie’s contribution has only grown in taking the leadership of the GNS Men’s section as Lead Coach since 2015.  As player-coach, Robbie is developing into one of the finest young leaders in Sydney hockey.

Steve Gregory (2016)

Steve has been a member of GNS for over 25 years, joining in the mid 1990s, recently moved to Sydney with wife Ann from Peterborough, UK.  

Over 25+ seasons of involvement Steve has contributed generously to the club, as a player, coach, manager, committee member, sponsor and regular sideline supporter. 

To this day, Steve remains heavily involved in GNS club life, playing alongside fellow life member and good friend, Peter Langham, and supporting sons, Ben and Matthew, in their own playing careers with GNS.


David Johnston (2016)

David came to Sydney in 2007 and was quick to get involved at GNS in support of his three children’s interest in hockey.

David is a former Australian U21 and WA state representative.  He is also an experienced coach to AHL level, with the Australian U23 Women’s Development Team and when in Victoria coached both men’s and women’s first division teams.

At GNS David has coached in GNS Juniors, Men’s and Women’s sections and together with wife Sharon initiated efforts within the club to accelerate young player and coach development. 

David has also served the club as a committee member for 10 years including as club president and as development convenor.  He is also a delegate for GNS on the committee of KHC Inc.

Beyond GNS, David helped establish the Northern Sydney and Beaches Hockey Association and has been its president since the 2014 inauguration.  Most recently, David has led efforts towards the proposed new Barra Brui Hockey Centre in St Ives.

Sharon Johnston (2016)

Sharon is a former Australian field and indoor player, accomplished coach taking teams to national championships and was previously a satellite coach working with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Sharon arrived in Sydney in 2007 and immediately began to make contribution impact with GNS.

Sharon has coached extensively within GNS Juniors and was GNS Women's Lead Coach for five years in transforming the GNS 1s and wider women's section to the premier women's club in Sydney.  She served on committee for several years in establishing development programs that today remain a strong part of her legacy.

Sharon is now a primary contributor in hockey in key roles within NSB but remains closely connected with GNS in support of her family and the club at large.

Peter Langham (2016)

Peter and his family arrived in Sydney in 2005 and became immediately involved with GNS.  Peter has been an active player, an important administrator as club president, treasurer and GNS Juniors Convenor, has served GNS for many years on the KHC Inc. management committee, coached and managed teams in both GNS Juniors and Men’s sections and has contributed significantly to GNS in facilitating sponsorship support.

Peter and the Langham family are very much institutions within GNS Hockey Club.

Jon Muir (2016)

Jon's history with GNS spans more than 40 years of active involvement and service having arrived into Gordon Hockey Club with parents and brother Jeremy following a family relocation from Tasmania.

In those 40 years, Jon has always played a passionate part of the many ebbs and flows of Gordon Hockey Club, its pioneering venture with the Ku-ring-gai Hockey Centre, the club merger forming Gordon North Sydney Hockey Club in 1998 and all things GNS ever since!

Jon was a player for 30 years, many of those at 1st grade level. He is a former club president, treasurer and administrator with the men's section. Jon has been a coach and manager of men's teams for many seasons including serving in both key roles with the men's 1st grade team.

In recent times Jon can always be counted upon as a fixture amongst the loyal band of sideline supporters and gains great pleasure in now following son Robbie in his exploits with the GNS Men's 1sts.

Martin Roberts (2016)


Joy Hayes (2014)

Joy became a member of Gordon Hockey Club in 1989 and has been a longstanding contributor to GNS ever since.

Joy has accumulated nearly 30 seasons with the club, more than half of those years as a first grade player and former first grade captain.

More broadly, Joy has coached GNS and representative junior teams, coached at GNS development clinics, served as an administrator including as GNS Women’s Convenor and delegate to SWHL.

Joy is a very much loved and respected member of GNS.

Patrick Larkin (2014)

Pat joined Gordon Hockey Club in 1990? and quickly became a very generous contributor, volunteering his expertise, contacts, help and resources in support of the club.

Pat became the second president of the newly formed GNS in 1999 and was instrumental in the efforts to bring Brent Livermore and a young Jamie Dwyer to the club.

Pat also served as president of the SHA Judiciary for over 10 years.

Pat's playing career with the club also included the establishment of our famous Legal Eagles team.


Nigel Lynn (2013)

Nigel became a member of Gordon Hockey Club in 1994 and has been one of the clubs most loyal and passionate servants ever since.

Nigel has always been a very skillful player and accumulated 10 years of 1st grade representation.

He also learned early that he had more to give and very quickly became very committed to coaching.  In his service of GNS he has coached in all juniors', men's and women's sections.  He has coached premiership teams and been recognised as the most successful coach in the club on several occasions.  Nigel has a fantastic ability to unite his team, build a strong team and club culture, develop trusted bonds and help them enjoy their hockey.

Nigel has also served on committee and to this day continues to provide enormous support right across the club.

Ann Smith (2013)

Ann Smith and her family have a 30 year association with Gordon Hockey Club and GNS.

Ann has been a valued administrator in serving as president, women's convenor and secretary for more than 10 years.  She is also a long serving coach within GNS Juniors with a special affiliation to those starting their hockey in U11s. 

Every season Ann is the first to volunteer as manager of her team.  This an additional contribution to an ongoing playing career stretching her full association with the club.


Stewart Tanswell (2007)

Stewie moved to Sydney from Parkes in 1983 in looking to develop his hockey talent.  He joined North Sydney Hockey Club and has been an active player with GNS ever since.  In that considerable period, Stewie has accumulated over 20 seasons at first grade level, represented NSW at U21 and Masters levels.

Stewie has also been a generous contributor as a coach of GNS junior teams and in coaching within GNS’ development clinics.

Stewie continues to play with GNS and is greatly enjoying the emergence of son Harry into GNS Men’s top grade ranks.


Hannah Thorley (2007)

Hannah joined Gordon Hockey Club in 1979 and became a regular fixture in our top women’s team for more than 25 seasons, accumulating over 500 games for the club.  In that time Hannah has contributed as a coach and manager in GNS Juniors and GNS Women’s. 

In recent times Hannah has been acknowledged with selection at Australian Masters level.

Hannah has always been a passionate GNS contributor and remains an active supporter of daughter Ruby and the broader GNS.

Laurella Cross (2000)




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